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Client Growth or ROI?

Great Ideas, but how and where do I start?  


First and foremost, our Client Service Customer Relationship Management (CRM) Standards are Internationally benchmarked at an 85% Customer Satisfaction Level, with a one-in all-in approach to service and satisfaction that you can trust as a safe pair of hands.

80% of businesses and new Go to Market Strategies fail themselves cmpletely or in substantial part in the first 5 years.  A large number crash or stall unnecessarily thereafter, through one common flaw: A lack of Preparation, Planning & Performance.


APAC BC offers you a methodical and maticulous Business Planning Outline, not limited to:


  • CRM Plans

  • Executive Summaries

  • Situation Analysis

  • Market Research

  • Sales Environment

  • Loss Prevention

  • SWOT Analysis

  • Market Segmentation & Gap Analysis

  • Marketing Objectives

  • Marketing Plan

  • Operational Plan

  • Financial Plan

  • Capital Equipment & Labour Requirements

  • Cash Flow Analysis

  • Equity Requirements; and

  • Revised Profit & Loss Forecast


Your Marketing Plan will include products, pricing matrix & positioning, partner distribution and reseller strategy, promotion strategy branding & advertising. People, Process, Physicals & Partnerships and New Product Innovation (NPI) for B2C &/or B2B markets.

If this is your first engagement with us, feel free to call our Managing Director, Gary Jackson on +61 408 891 260, for a no-obligation confidential discussion that will enable your first steps to success, in your eyes and that of your customers.

We provide solutions in several types of growth cycles

  • Seed Idea or Venture Capital Raising

  • Green-field Start-up

  • Commercialisaiton

  • Mature Start-up

  • Organic Change Management

  • Project Management (Short Term or Long Term)

  • Rapid Turnaround Change Management

  • Listing Initial Public Offering (IPO)

  • Exit Strategy

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"Achieved a 285% turnaround and continued 22% profit increase.  A new level of professionalism, strategic direction and growth which united people working toward a common cause.  Developed new business revenue streams, very professional.  Senior people respected and valued the work and the turnaround, I would absolutely re-hire".

Chief Financial Officer & Company Secretary

"Fantastic performance, very professional and outcomes orientated, politically astute and knows how to handle issues.  Most definitely would re-hire, a very good operator".

Asia Pacific Director, Department of Foreign Affairs & Trade (DFAT), Overseas Development Assistance (ODA)